Machine Mounts, Leveling pads, Footpads or Foot mounts.

machine mount


Our Machine Mount Series (also known as Adjustable Foot Mount,Machine Feet, Footpads or Footmounts) is especially suited for mounting workshop machinery without the need of being anchored to the ground. These ready-to-install mounts allow immediate commissioning, eliminating the need for foundations or grouting. The height adjustment feature allows precise leveling of machinery even under load.

Our Machine Mounts will provide excellent mobility in your workshop layout. The Machine Mounts Isolate high frequency vibrations and sound.

Technical characteristics

  • Load ratings from 50 – 4000kg.
  • Height adjustment with fine thread, allows small increments of adjustment
  • Quick and easy installation of machinery
  • Isolates vibration from machinery to ground or vice versa.
  • Metal dome protects the rubber from Oil, Diesel,Ozone and UV rays.
  • Metals treated to help protect against corrosion.


Item Code Diam  H min H max Bolt Max Load
MM 80 80 35 47 M12x1.25 500kg
MM 120 120 40 53 M16x1.5 1000kg
MM 160 160 50 65 M20x1.5 2000kg
MM 200 200 60 75 M20x1.5 4000kg

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